Mom’s You Are Not Alone!…. #JustBreathe

Dear Moms,

If you are anything like me you may have days of feeling overwhelmed, underappreciated, and sometimes you may feel, flat out – guilty for working or for choosing “you” time, or for whatever reason. Mom guilt is real! Mom stress is real! I am here to let you know you are not alone. The guilt of sending your kid to daycare all day, not working with you child enough on reading, working too much, not being there for awards, being a single mom, not being able to send your kids to the “better” school, whatever the reason… JUST BREATHE! You are only one person and this mom stuff has many of us stressed and overwhelmed. Here are some mom moments shared for this post:

When you find silly putty all over your clothes as you take them out of the dryer…Just Breathe!

When your coffee spills on you and your leather seats…Just breathe!

When your kids pukes all over and misses the bucket or toilet…Just breathe!

When you have to wear a bra on a Saturday…Just breathe!

When you come home to water pouring from your ceiling (kid flushed something down the toilet)… Just Breathe!

When your kids find your stash of chocolate…Just breathe!

When your husband tells you to relax…Just breathe!

When you kid says, “Just relax mom”…Just breathe!

When your husband clips his nails and leaves them in the bathtub or countertop…Just breathe!

When the school asks for you to volunteer just one more time…Just breathe!

When you burn dinner…Just breathe!

Finally realizing there is not going to be a “Friends” reunion show…Just breathe!

Got distracted and forgot to get kids…Just breathe!

When your dishwasher breaks…Just breathe!

When you get the car back on empty…Just breathe!

When the toilet paper roll has 4 squares left…Just breathe!

When the person in front of you can not make up their mind when ordering…Just breathe!

When you change the baby, get them in their car seat, and they shart all up their backside…Just breathe!


When the kids & your spouse leave every light on in the house…Just breathe!

When your Netflix binge is interrupted by, “Mom I just can’t sleep!”…Just breathe!

When your dog runs away and you are in a hurry…Just breathe!

When you clean your house and 2 hours later it’s like it never happened…Just breathe!

When all your friends get to have mommy outings and you have no one to watch the rugrats…Just breathe!

When you set your alarm Sunday night for 5:45 PM, not AM…Just breathe!

When you’re running late to work because your kid is refusing to wear pants… Just breathe!

When you feel you are giving one kid more attention than the other… Just Breathe!

When you realize you will never catch up on all the laundry you have to fold…Just breathe!

When you double book appointments and don’t realize it until the last minute…Just breathe!

When your husband feels neglected because you’ve been taking care of kids and crash at the end of the day…Just breathe!

When the cute new sweater you’re wearing for the first time gets baby puke all over it…Just breathe!

Do you have one or many experiences to add? Please email us


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