Stop Bullying Yourself!

Identify Your Inner Bully, Get Out of Your Own Way & Enjoy Greater Health, Wealth, Happiness and Success

Speaker, brain health, and wellness expert Anna Marie Frank reveals the keys to defeating the inner bully that controls your mind and keeps you from realizing your dreams and reaching your full potential. Stop Bullying Yourself! is more than a self-help book. It is about your personal growth, layered with information to help you in all aspects of life including your finances, your career, your relationships, depression, even weight loss to improve your happiness and success and leave your family and friends, wondering how you’ve become so happy, energized, and determined!

It’s refreshing, to-the-point, wholistic approach (yes, that’s wholistic with a “w”) will inspire and energize you to live your best life and show you how. Stop Bullying Yourself! cuts through the hocus-pocus and gives real-life practices and methods that will lead you to live a happy – whole life.

With every chapter, Anna takes you on a positive joyride leading to your own transformation, helping you create the happiness in your relationships, career, finances and the all-around success you so desire. As a former stressed out, broke, negative Nelly herself, Anna delivers the good nuggets minus the fluff, giving you full control of your life so you too will start kicking some butt. You’ll Stop Bullying Yourself! and start to enjoy yourself and all the pleasures around you with an optimistic view of life, no longer allowing your inner bully to run wild. Get ready! Because everything around you will start to shine!