The Unpleasant Mind… What is going on?


What is going on within that mind of yours? Why are things so unpleasant?  What is happening outside of you is not the reason you are not doing well inside your own mind.

“It’s my ex that is making everything so difficult.”

“If only that last deal had gone through, things wouldn’t be so bad.”

“My kid didn’t get into that school because… “

“My boss doesn’t like me because…?

“I’m not happy because…. blah blah blah.” 

The blame game that consumes an unpleasant mind is exhausting and destructive to life.

We go through life creating our own collection of unpleasant thoughts, and these neural networks become so powerful that we truly believe our own BS; that creates a victim mindset. 

When you constantly blame others for how things are going in your life, it’s time to take a step back and look in the mirror. Why are so many unpleasant thoughts taking up space in your mind? 

Do you really want to know why? Here’s the answer!

It’s your programming and choices that have brought you here. You can stop blaming others.

Think about this: 

How different would things in your life be right now if you were to let go of the blame game? How would things change for you if you let go of the anger? What is possible when you separate from your self-critic? And any fear? What if you were to download the program that reminded you that whatever is happening to you is working FOR you and not against you? 

Some questions to ponder:

  • Why do you blame others? 
  • Why is your ego in control? 
  • What would be possible if you let all your challenges and worries go? 
  • What thoughts can you change that would allow you to feel joy, guilt-free, and happy? 

Remember, what’s happening outside of you is never the reason you are not doing well inside your own mind. It is up to you to begin to be curious about your collection of thoughts, why you think what you do, and if these thoughts serve you. Only you can shift your thoughts. 

I want to challenge you to these three things for the coming week. Are you up for it?

  1. Be curious about your thoughts and catch yourself blaming things outside yourself for your situation. No more blaming.
  2. Maintain the mindset that everything is happening for you and not against you.
  3. Catch your unpleasant thoughts and reflect on why you have allowed such negative programming to control your mind, your happiness, and your health? Can you re-wire your thoughts to enjoy a more positive outlook? 

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