The Secret to Successful Snacking

The secret to successful snacking is planning ahead. A daily trip to the vending machine will not only add-up financially but it will also impact your waistline and energy levels! So planning ahead is a great key to warding off bad decisions at the vending machine.

Here are 42 snacks that will provide better nutrition when you must snack. Keep in mind that these are items you can prepare ahead of time and you may be able to buy them in bulk. You can even choose some of these items in your vending machine if you find yourself standing in front of one.

1. Pistachios

2. Cashews

3. Blueberries

4. String cheese

5. Plain Greek yogurt with berries

6. Cottage cheese with berries or pineapple 

7. Fruit salad

8. Baby carrots and hummus

9. Apple slices with or without natural nut butter of you choice

10. Celery and natural  nut butter of your choice

11. Cherry tomatoes with mozzarella 

12. Grapes

13. Almonds

14. Raisins

15. Mini peppers

16. Banana and natural nut butter of your choice

17. Hard-boiled eggs

18. Cherries (Frozen or fresh are great!)

19. Protein shake

20. Raw veggies with guacamole

21. Sunflower seeds

22. Sugar snap peas

23. Tuna lettuce wraps

24. Natural turkey roll-ups

25. Edamame (if you have a thyroid issue do not eat) 

26. Avocado with hot sauce

27. Cucumber slices with tuna

28. Small garden salad made with spinach

29. Shrimp with cocktail sauce

30. Natural turkey jerky

31. Unsweetened applesauce

32. Strawberries

33. Old fashioned oatmeal (add berries and cinnamon to flavor)

34. Nut butter on a spoon

35. Raw veggies with Greek yogurt dip

36. Sardines (Not me! But you may like it) 

37. Sliced tomatoes with feta cheese

38. Powdered peanut butter with plain yogurt

39. Watermelon

40. Peach

41. Pumpkin seeds

42. Deviled eggs

The key is to have some of these on-hand. Also, a few pointers before you dive into snacking: drink a big glass of water when hunger strikes, go outside for a quick 5-minute walk, call a friend. I give these suggestions to you because sometimes we snack out of boredom or because we are feeling tired and low on energy. Just be mindful of what you are snacking on and why you are snacking! 

Did I miss any of your favorites? Email us and let us know what your favorite snacks are!

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