Dear Strong Woman,

Dear Strong Woman,

I’m worried about you. Where has your power gone? Your light has grown dim and your spirit silent. You act as if your goals and dreams have been canceled. What’s going on? Are you okay??? Where is that powerful woman? The woman that knows how to stand up for herself and others? That woman who has changed so many lives? Have you forgotten how amazing you are? Have you forgotten how much we all need you?  

What are you hiding from? 

Where did your creativity go?

I am writing to remind you to take some time to switch on your inner light. That woman’s power of high vibe energy that lives within your soul. You act like you’re fumbling to find the switch, but you know it’s there.

It is within you.

Dig deep.

I know you will find it. 

No one can do it for you…Where are you hiding that energy? Sigh….

Strong Woman’s Response: 

I feel so defeated.

I feel like I have no control over anything.

I am not what or who I once was.

I feel like my power has been taken.

My inner light has been extinguished.

This is just my new normal now.

Friend: I need to shake you. Your power is there, it has just been shifted. Are you ready to pivot into your power again? 

Strong Woman’s Response: Honestly, I think I had been giving it away, little-by-little. I don’t feel like I have the energy or strength to get it back.  

Friend: You chose to give it away!? What? Not you! Not this strong woman, but why?

Strong Woman’s Response: I just don’t know. Some I gave away and some was taken. I feel… (long pause) I just don’t know…

Friend: You just don’t know what?

Strong Woman’s Response: What to do… I need help.

Friend: Your power awaits you – focus on it. You must focus on what gives you energy. What gives you love and light. Where our focus goes energy flows You know this! You know!!! Let’s start with one action. Close your eyes. Get laser-focused on what you do want and share with me the first thing that comes up for you? 

Strong Woman’s Response: Fear and lack… I don’t know why…

Friend: Where do you feel this fear & lack in your body?

Strong Woman’s Response: In my chest. My whole chest feels like a weight is on it.

Friend: What do you think this weight on your chest is trying to tell you?


Strong Woman’s Response: To NOT be afraid. 

Friend: Afraid of what?

Strong Woman’s Response: Failure!

Friend: What is failure to you, right now?


Strong Woman’s Response: I guess… I don’t know… Maybe it’s really just the fear of doing something different. The fear is really just an uncomfortable worry of the unknown. I think I am really feeling this way because I know deep down I’ve changed and this shift within me is tugging at me to shift into something unexpected, but it is something that my soul is calling me to do. 

Friend: It sounds like a nudge from your soul but your “logical” mind is trying to block it or question it… 

Strong Woman’s Response: Yes, I know I need to make a major change but I feel paralyzed when it comes to making the final decision. It is like my power is no longer mine.

Friend: Feeling paralyzed to make a decision! Feeling like your power is no longer yours! Is there something you feel like you need to know right this moment to help you? 

Strong Woman’s Response: Yes, clarity? How do I know if I am making the right decision?

Friend: Aww, the right decision! Can I share something with you?

Strong Woman’s Response: Yes!

Friend: I always feel that when I listen to my soul or gut and sit with what’s so, I begin to gain clarity. What do you think your soul or gut is trying to tell you?  

Strong Woman’s Response: To follow my gut! I know I have to get uncomfortable and do this…

Friend: If the wisest person who ever lived came to you right now. What would they tell you?

Strong Woman’s Response: To trust the process and go with my gut. That everything will be fine… and that I already know, deep down, what I need to do. 

Friend: Do you know?

Strong Woman’s Response: Yes, I actually do and it just scares me.

Friend: I invite you to ponder these questions and face that fear. 1) How will you feel in five years if you didn’t listen to your gut? 2) What is the worst thing that could happen if you make this change? Write down your answer and then think, “Is the worst thing you came up with something that will really happen?” 3) Write down what it will cost you to stay the same if you do not make the decision to change things?

Strong Woman’s Response: Laughing… Yes! Yes! Yes!

Friend: What is that “Yes”?

Strong Woman’s Response: I know what I need to do and I am going to do it.

Friend: Your power is already coming back. You know the worst case isn’t even real. You have stopped fooling yourself by thinking this “stuck-yuck” feeling is comfort. You are going to be uncomfortable if you stay the same… You know this! And you’re going to be uncomfortable if you change, so the end result of your “feelings” is a state of being uncomfortable… So why not be uncomfortable doing what you desire to do? You got this!

Friend: Yes! I feel lighter already.

Two weeks later….

Strong Woman’s Update Response: I did it! I got super uncomfortable and felt like my chest was going to explode but I stuck with my decision to change. I made the change that was necessary… It was like ripping a Band-Aid off. It was so scary at first and it stung for a bit right after but now I feel like I can breathe. I feel free, motivated, and open to all that life is bringing to me. Thank you, friend! 

Friend to the reader: We can all find ourselves in that “Yuck-Stuck” space that places a weight of bricks on our chest. The familiarity of the day-to-day tricks us into thinking we are safe and to stick with it, but when your soul cries out for a change—LISTEN! This is the one life you get. Trust in the process. Get a friend or a coach to help you through the process. It is always so much harder when we are in it but when we are out—wow—the possibilities! So give yourself permission to make that change in your life. Take that chance and do the dance!

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