Astrology readings and other astrological reports.


Astrology Session

This can be done virtually or in person. This astrology consultation will include information about how your unique birth chart influences your personality, goals, and health. During this session you can expect to understand the impact that planetary movement has on human life. This knowledge will bring insight into the functions of your daily routine.

"OUR mission is to empower others to align with their highest potentials by anchoring in their true power; connecting and transforming their mind, spirit and body with the power of the mind and belief."

Startypes Report - A 21st-century technique that combines Modern astronomy and historic astrology to interpret your inner self.

Startype Compatibility - A report on our relationships with family, a lover, friends, and coworkers. This report help us to find our important role in all relationships.

Life Path Report- Designed to point out your basic approach to work in this world and how you might be useful to yourself or others in this life.

Life Strategy Report - This report provides in-depth details on your particular talents and what areas you might fall short in.

Planet Forecast - Focuses on an individual planet and how it function in your chart. As well as how the coming months will affect the activities it signifies.