Single Mindset & Energy Coaching Session

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Set up a session with our mindset & energy coach, Anna Marie, doctor of naturopathy, and brain health practitioner. Sessions range from 60-75 minutes.

In-person or virtually!

Anna Marie’s Certifications

  • Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy
  • Certified Brain Health Professional
  • Integrative Nutrition Certified
  • Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
  • International Coaching Federation Certified
  • Certified Human Potential Coach
  • Plant-Based Diet Certified
  • Master Herbalist

And she has a whole lotta other certifications and degrees.


Yes, Anna Marie loves to learn and share her knowledge. Most importantly she knows how to help others mold their brains and energies in order to create the life they truly desire. Anna Marie will use many different techniques during your time together.

You may do past experience retrievals, energy clearings, alignment exercises, mindset shifting awareness practices, roleplaying, and much more. Anna Marie will use her intuition and knowledge base to support you with where you are and where you desire to be.

Monthly programs are available and include sessions every other week with contact points in between sessions. email for more information.


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